Sunday, 27 January 2013 19:00

Day 9

1. Lindsay / Watson
2. Burns
3. Clancy / DeShong

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Sunday, 20 January 2013 19:00

Day 8

1. Lee
2. Burns
3. Clancy / DeShong

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Tuesday, 15 January 2013 19:00

Day 7

1. Clancy / Murphy
2. Kotsatos / Zalewski 2
3. Marston / Brand

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Wednesday, 09 January 2013 19:00

Day 6

1. Lindsay / Watson
2. Lee 26
3. Palmieri 28

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Sunday, 03 February 2013 19:00

Day 10 Recap

Good Afternoon Frostbiters!
Day 10 was a cold one ..I know it took me a couple hours to warm up after getting off the water!  
Thank you to everyone for putting up with some tough and frustrating conditions - between the finicky wind, harbor traffic, and bitter cold, it was a difficult day for RC.  We take pride in our ability to consistently provide organized, efficient, and well-managed racing for the frostbite fleet, and the lack of communication with the fleet regarding the abandonment of Race 5 was not a high point for us.  Racers were getting conflicting directives from myself, Jesse, Kip, and Luke.  Our priority was to keep all of our boats clear of the barge, and it took us a few minutes to determine whether we should be done for the day or start another race.  In the future, please know that if a substantial portion of the fleet is redirected from racing, we will certainly abandon.  Abandonment will be accompanied by three blasts on the horn and the N flag (checkered blue and white).  Each of our launch boats will have the N Flag on board, and we will be sure to keep ourselves in better sync with each other!
Once again, congratulations to the top teams for the winter series as well as the top teams for the day!
See you all on Satuday
Sunday, 27 January 2013 19:00

Day 9 Recap

Happy Monday, Frostbiters!
While Dave, Kate and I are happy to be home, we're also pleased to have missed out on the single-digit temperatures that you all had to deal with.  Much of our time in Clearwater, Fl was spent indoors instead of on the beach... but we still got to enjoy some evening meals outside, right on the shore, and the view from the hotel was fantastic. Our attendance to the National Sailing Program Symposium, hosted by US Sailing, is a great opportunity for us to attend some great workshops, lectures, and brainstorming sessions with two-hundred and fifty other sailors from around the United States.. as well as some from Brazil, Germany, and the U.K.!  Needless to say, we've returned with pages of notes, many a business card, and lots of ideas for Courageous.  If you have any interest in meeting a large number of dedicated sailors from different backgrounds who are in some way involved in spreading the sport of sailing with others, I highly recommend checking out one of these symposiums! 
A big thank-you to our frostbite RC team for running what seemed to be a smooth and beautiful day of racing on Saturday, and thank you to the fleet for helping make that possible! I'll leave the recap part to Rosemary:

"Despite the bitter cold, the weather was actually pretty great yesterday. Breeze from the north, 12 to start, swinging between the Zakim bridge and Pier 5 through the day but steady for long periods of time. The guys set the line in the middle of the channel off the courthouse and were able to lay a really long, nicely square course to start the day. First race was off before 12. The fleet split half and half on the first race, always a nice thing. As the day went on, the fleet kept splitting the starts but most people seemed to hang out on the East Boston side. It looked to me like the breeze was more consistent and stronger over there, although taking the left did pay off for a few when the breeze shifted west. Ask Jen, she was one of them :) !

The windward mark was a bit of a mess all day. We had a ripping current flowing out that hung up a lot of the fleet on the marks. I saw a lot of people who approached from port and tacked too early, or who misjudged their starboard layline and tried (and failed) to pinch their way up. Much shouting. Many circles (I was pleased by the self-policing). Surprisingly little contact - any that I saw was in slow motion.
Had one general recall and a few individuals but the current kept most below the line. We did have one surprise tanker come through during the first windward leg of the third race. They said scrap barge on 13. It was definitely NOT a barge, and it definitely came screaming out of the Mystic river with little warning. After about 3 seconds of debate I made the call to abandon. Got the fleet safely out of the channel very quickly.  All in all it only delayed us by 15 minutes or so since we told them they could sail downwind towards the start as long as they stayed to the side. 
During that delay we had a big right shift. We decided to shorten course significantly as we moved the marks, so we could get in a few more races while keeping the course 4 setup. Breeze kept picking up, and by the end of the day we were sailing in 16-18 knots steady. Fun but not crazy. Overall we got in 4 course 4's and ended with a course 5. 
John Pratt came in to be head judge even though he didn't sail, what a great guy! Protests were resolved without incident. Soup was delicious and Mark DeShong brought awesome rolls, where does he get those? And SOMEONE got me a delicious beautiful cake for my birthday and made me cry a little. Thank you guys, that was so awesome <3

xoxo Rosemary"

We are so glad to have had Rosemary help out on Saturday, especially since she is taking off for the Islands this Friday!  Please all thank her for filling in this past weekend and wish her luck on her adventure if you haven't already - she won't be back until May!  You can email her at !
See you all soon,
Sunday, 20 January 2013 19:00

Day 8 Recap

Happy Martin Luther King Day, Frostbiters!
Saturday was the windiest day of racing that we've had yet, and nearly didn't happen!  We waited out some intense 25-30 knot breeze with gusts of near 40 in the inner harbor, but were able to send boats out after an hour delay(reefed, of course)!  I would like to applaud everybody on beautiful looking reefs!  I would also like to thank you all for the safe, responsible sailing that we saw.  It speaks to the good nature of this fleet that the only boat damage Saturday was one gooseneck failure, which you can basically count on happening in breeze like that.  While there were a few close calls that I saw, the fleet sailed conservatively, defensively, and cooperatively given the conditions.  While we did lose one team early on to a thumb-to-eye injury (feel better!!), we kept all of our boats afloat and intact.. unlike some other frostbite fleets out there!
Rob Breslin and Bryan Lee took the day with 5.3 points over 4 races, including a redress from the first race.  Check out one of their exemplary high breeze leeward mark roundings frame by frame here.
Alex Wisch and Anne-Marie Veenland took second with 16 points, followed by some incredibly tight competition between the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th place boats. 
Third - Mark Deshong & Russell Robinson, 20pts
Fourth - Steve Dutcher & Bryan Peugh, 21 pts  
Fifth - Matt Marston & Cheney Brand, 22pts
Sixth - Jen Bodde & Dylan Callahan, 24 pts  
A big thank you to Steve Brett, guest RC, and John Minkle, for bringing the two enormous and delicious pots of soup!
Tuesday, 15 January 2013 19:00

Day 7 Recap

I hope you have all recovered from our incredibly exciting race on Saturday.  
The harbor was glassy until about 12, when a hint of breeze took enough of a hold for us to send boats off the dock.  Our first and only race started at 12:45.  An outgoing tide and open Charles River locks combined with 3 knots (and the occasional 5 knot gust...) made for a slog of a race, taking nearly an hour to complete.  Patrick Clancy and Laura Clancy took first with a nicely executed and well timed gybe (watch the clip here), followed by Niko Kotsatos and Emily Zalewski in second and Matt Marston with Ben Geffken in third place.  Full results here.
A couple short articles on sailing in current:
Pictures from the beautiful Day 6
Pictures of you all looking very unimpressed with the world from Day 7
A big thank-you to guest RC Steve Brett for bringing a last-minute vat of chili.
Carl will be holding a rules clinic from 9:30 - 11:00 this Saturday in the Seaport School at the base of the pier.  As always, please let us know if you won't be able to make it this weekend or if you need a crew.  
Stay healthy!
Friday, 01 March 2013 14:21

Cocktails for Courageous: JP Edition

Cocktails for Courageous: JP Edition
Help support our Jamaica Pond fleet on Wednesday, March 6, at the Galway House.  Our sails are old and have past the point of no return.  We have been using sail tape to patch up the holes but they are so big now that Site Director Mike can even put his whole head through them! In order to continue serving the community we need new sails for the 2013 season.  Please join us for our Cocktails for Courageous: JP Edition fundraiser @ the Galway on Wednesday, March 6, 2013 at 6pm. Click here to purchase your tickets in advance.
We'll be providing appetizers and some great raffle prizes, including an up-cycled tote bag from Hoist Away Bags. Save time, buy your raffle tickets now, and pick them up when you arrive: 5 for $10 or 15 for $20. Remember--all proceeds will go directly to supporting accessible & affordable sailing on Jamaica Pond by purchasing much-needed replacement sails for our five Daysailors.

Here is a breakdown of what we need and how much it will cost:

Sails: $4,700
Boom Crutches: $300
Sail Covers: $1250
Total: $6,250

About Courageous Sailing at Jamaica Pond

Courageous Sailing serves the community at Jamaica Pond by providing great sailing programs for kids, and affordable access to sailing and water-based activities for the whole community.  In our summer youth sailing program, kids started learn to sail through one-week session in July and August.  For many of them, their time at Jamaica Pond is just the the first step, preparing them for our more advanced sailing programs on Boston Harbor.   In addition to our summer programs, Jamaica Pond is the site of many of many of our important partnerships with community organizations, such as Boston Family BoatBuilding, Curley Afterschool Program, JP Manning Afterschool Program, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mass Bay and Franklin Park Coalition use our facilities and staff on a regular basis.  For example, Boston Public School students who build rowboats through Boston Family BoatBuilding have free access to rowboats on Jamaica Pond. Click here for more information. 
Wednesday, 27 February 2013 18:00

Directions and Hours

How to get here and when you find us on Pier 4. Go now



Courageous Mainsail Partners


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