Regular Price: $395

Black Friday-Cyber Monday: 20% OFF!

Our weekday memberships are terrific value! If you’ve got the freedom to sail during the week and take advantage of the late summer sunsets, a Weekday membership may be your best bet, and they are very easy on the budget.

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Regular Price: $495

Black Friday-Cyber Monday: 20% OFF

The Weekend membership makes a lot of sense for anyone who knows that weekdays just won’t work.  Come out on Saturdays and Sundays all season long!

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Regular Price: $745

Black Friday-Cyber Monday: 25% OFF

A Family membership is like three Individual full memberships for just $100 more than a single membership. If there are 2 or 3 adults in your family who would like to sail -- but you don't always plan to sail together -- a Family membership is the way to go. This provides the same access to our great fleet of Rhodes 19s, but for up to 3 skippers. Don't forget to add on a Guest Pass, so that all 3 members can take out friends and family!

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Regular Price: $645

Black Friday-Cyber Monday: 25% OFF

Our individual Full membership gives you access to our whole Rhodes 19 fleet (27 boats!), 7 days a week, May 1st through October 31st (or for one calendar year if purchased after May 1st). It is by far the best value on the harbor. For an additional $100, get the J22 upgrade and use our more high performance J22 fleet as well. Don't forget a Guest Pass so that you can take your friends and family sailing!

Members must pass an on-the-water checkout and written test in order to sail a Courageous boat without an instructor; please see our Flag Ratings section for more information. Our sailing area extends out around the Harbor Islands for qualified members. Courageous is open noon - sunset on weekdays and 10 - sunset on weekends and holidays, May 1 through October 31. Boat availability is usually plentiful (with the exception of before 3:30 on weekdays during our 6-week summer Youth Program), but is not guaranteed.

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Most of you already know and love Cha-Ling O’Connell, who has done amazing things as the Adult Program Director and, previously, Assistant Director. This season, Cha is joined by Jen Bodde and Hugh Freund.  Jen, who will be stepping into the Adult Program Director role, has been with Courageous for almost 5 years as an instructor, curriculum consultant, and Frostbiter. Hugh Freund joined Courageous as a core staff member and instructor last year and is the guru behind our new website; when he’s not off training and competing for a Paralympic berth in the Sonar fleet, he’ll be spearheading our communication and marketing efforts. Cha will continue to take the lead on membership and sales. With this dream team at the helm of the adult program, we’re confident that 2013 will be a terrific year.
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Though we’ll take sailboats over motorboats any day of the week, we couldn’t do what we do and keep our fleet safe without our fleet of 8 motorboats and the engines that power them.  Which is why we couldn’t be more excited to have received a $65,000 grant to replace all of our outboard engines.  Engines that start when you need them to, and don't stop at just the wrong moment…you can understand why this is great news. 
We got our season started right this year with 3 days of Open House.  Lots of people--many of whom had never been in a sailboat before--came down to Pier 4 to take a free half-hour sail, learn about Courageous, and hang out at the cook-out.  Plenty of sun, plenty of wind, and plenty of member volunteers and instructors on hand made for a good time for all.  Thank you to everybody who helped out--there's no better introduction to Courageous than going for a sail with somebody who loves sailing here!
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Opening Day
As we head into our season, 2013 is looking to be a fantastic year here at Courageous!  In addition to the usual-- great sailing on the Harbor and summer learning opportunities for Boston’s kids--here are a few of the things that we’re excited about this spring and summer:
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We invite prospective new sailing students and members to come down to the Charlestown Navy Yard and go for a FREE SAIL on Boston Harbor with one of our experienced skippers. Enjoy complementary barbecue, fabulous views of the city, and great discounts on lessons & memberships for the 2013 season! Register for a free sail by selecting the number of tickets on the ticketing page, or feel free to drop by anytime from 12pm to 3pm on April 21st, 27th, or 28th.
If you had a chance to take one of our newer Rhodes-19 jibs out for a spin last season, you know what a difference a new sail can make. Well, thanks to a fundraising campaign spearheaded by our Frostbiting and Corporate Challenge fleets and supported by many of you, all 24 Rhodes-19's now have spiffy new mainsails as well! Doyle Sails tweaked the design for us with a few extra inches in the roach, giving the sails a nice curve and a bit more power…and we’ve even added adjustable backstays. We certainly noticed an improvement in boatspeed and performance this winter, and we're sure you will, too! Please help us take care of our new sails by rolling them from the head (instead of folding the sail at the first batten, as we used to do) along the leech, never letting them touch the cement dock, and fastening the sail cover carefully. A huge thank you to everybody who contributed to this effort - we know you'll love the results!


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