Group Practice Classes (3 Hours)

Price: $30, $25 for members

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On alternating Saturday and Sunday mornings, join other members and students looking for extra practice, coached one of our senior instructors. This is a great way to build from Red Flag to Yellow Flag, earn your Red Flag (if your instructor has given you specific skills to work on), gain more confidence, or to get back into it if you haven't been sailing in a while.  The class starts with an on-shore chalk talk on topics requested by participants, so come prepared with questions.  Students will be paired up to sail together in Rhodes 19s (unless you really want to practice single-handing with some supervision!), while the instructor coaches from a motorboat.  The class might focus on particular skills, like docking or crew-overboard recovery techniques, or on drills to improve general boat handling--let the instructor know what you’d like to work on.  Maximum of 12 participants.



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