If you had a chance to take one of our newer Rhodes-19 jibs out for a spin last season, you know what a difference a new sail can make. Well, thanks to a fundraising campaign spearheaded by our Frostbiting and Corporate Challenge fleets and supported by many of you, all 24 Rhodes-19's now have spiffy new mainsails as well! Doyle Sails tweaked the design for us with a few extra inches in the roach, giving the sails a nice curve and a bit more power…and we’ve even added adjustable backstays. We certainly noticed an improvement in boatspeed and performance this winter, and we're sure you will, too! Please help us take care of our new sails by rolling them from the head (instead of folding the sail at the first batten, as we used to do) along the leech, never letting them touch the cement dock, and fastening the sail cover carefully. A huge thank you to everybody who contributed to this effort - we know you'll love the results!




Courageous Mainsail Partners


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