Thursday, 14 March 2013 13:48

Day 15 Recap

Good Afternoon frostbiters,
Today was the first day that I truly felt spring in the air.  Sure, it's been warm before today, and sunny, but not in the same damply fresh, sweet earthy way as today.  Unfortunately, we won't be treated to the same balmy weather for our last day of the 2012-2013 frostbite series - Saturday is forecast to be cloudy, in the high 30's with breeze at 10-12 knots East.
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Last week we faced some heavy snow removal in the morning, but were rewarded with beautiful weather and wind - my only complaint was the direction, an easterly that forced some very short legs straight across the shipping channel.  There was close competition for the top spot over 7 races, with John Pratt and Bob Coyle coming in first at 34 points, followed by the Constantineau / Lopez team at 36 points.  Marty Gallagher and Cindy Olsen took the third spot at 44 points.  
Spring series has the Gallagher / Olson boat favored for first, while 30 points back we find Marston / Brand and Pratt / Coyle battling it out for second.
The full series totals indicate that the Marston / Brand and Lindsay / Watson teams will be hot on each other's necks, with only 9.7 points between them.  Palmieri does not currently have enough points to count, but if we run 5 or more races tomorrow and he participates, he'll be back in the game.  



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