Sunday, 03 February 2013 19:00

Day 10 Recap

Good Afternoon Frostbiters!
Day 10 was a cold one ..I know it took me a couple hours to warm up after getting off the water!  
Thank you to everyone for putting up with some tough and frustrating conditions - between the finicky wind, harbor traffic, and bitter cold, it was a difficult day for RC.  We take pride in our ability to consistently provide organized, efficient, and well-managed racing for the frostbite fleet, and the lack of communication with the fleet regarding the abandonment of Race 5 was not a high point for us.  Racers were getting conflicting directives from myself, Jesse, Kip, and Luke.  Our priority was to keep all of our boats clear of the barge, and it took us a few minutes to determine whether we should be done for the day or start another race.  In the future, please know that if a substantial portion of the fleet is redirected from racing, we will certainly abandon.  Abandonment will be accompanied by three blasts on the horn and the N flag (checkered blue and white).  Each of our launch boats will have the N Flag on board, and we will be sure to keep ourselves in better sync with each other!
Once again, congratulations to the top teams for the winter series as well as the top teams for the day!
See you all on Satuday



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