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Day 3 Recap

Good Evening Frostbite Sailors,

Last Saturday was one of the most perfect breeze set-ups that I have ever seen on Boston Harbor, with a fairly steady 6 - 8 knots, coming out of the N/NW.  We were able to set a long, square course with the start by Fan Pier and the upwind set in the channel, between Lewis Wharf and Pier 1 East Boston.  Only minor adjustments to the course were made throughout the day.  While we may pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to typical fluky harbor conditions, the chance that steadier breeze provides to focus on basics (tactics, strategy, boatspeed, sail trim, etc) over lots of relatively similar beats and down-winds is invaluable.  I was very pleased to watch several newer teams consolidate some of the knowledge and skills that they have been developing into demonstrably better boat speed and tactics, dramatically improved scores and visibly cleaner sailing.  
Another wonderful thing happened on Day 3 - we were able to place two of our high school sailors (Ian Hay, of Boston Latin, and Ben Geffkenn, of the Boston Public School team) as crews with Matt Marston and Bob Coyle.  They are pretty incredible kids, and obviously their awesomeness rubbed off on their skippers - both teams came in at 20 points for the day, with Marston/Hay taking First Place to Coyle/Geffken's Second Place in the tiebreaker.  Lindsay/Watson followed in third with 21 points, and you can see the rest of the scores at the link.   Click here for the Public Frostbite Folder - view Results, How-to's, NOR, etc.
And now for.....Day 4, Saturday December 8, 2012Possible Showers high 52° low 42° 

If the current forecast for the weekend holds, we'll see moderate temperatures, perhaps slightly damp, with southwest breeze around 3-5 knots OR 10-15 knots depending on which wind site you trust.
Carl Zimba will be running a rules clinic from 10:00am - 11:00 am at the Seaport School (first floor of building at the base of our pier).  We'll provide coffee and donuts.  Carl will follow up with specific topics for our first rules clinic.  Our Head Judge this weekend will be John Tagliamonte, but we do not have anybody signed up from the fleet to be our second and third judges.  Last week Marty Gallagher and Mark Lindsay stepped up to the plate with head judge Matt Marston.  If you are able to help out this weekend, please sign up here.
Good news on parking! The managers of Shipyard Marina have given us the ok to continue to park on Pier 6.  Lets try to keep all our cars towards the water side of the Tavern as usual.  

Tavern's untimely demise has put a bit of a damper on the social side of being a part of the Courageous Frostbite Fleet, and I'd really like to change that.  Ironsides isn't bad, but it can be a hassle to find a parking spot.  I value the time that we get to spend chatting with you all after racing, so I'm toying with the idea of providing simple food, hot coffee, etc. in the boathouse.  You'd have to BYOB, and we'd need to collect some money to cover costs... but some fold out chairs, a couple milk-crates, and the industrial heater going could be cozy.  Do you like this idea? Would you stay after for a bowl of chili and contribute a little cash to the pot?  Or does Ironsides still seem like the next best thing?  Let me know!    

As always, please let us know in advance if you won't be able to make it this weekend, if you have a predetermined substitute taking your boat, if you'll be coming late, if you need a crew, etcetera.  The more lead time the better, but last-minute notifications are also much appreciated!
See you Saturday morning!



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