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Last week Step 1 split into two groups and did a "trash race" in the park to see who could pick up the most trash. They learned about marine debris and all of the reasons why it is harmful to animals and our economy. We learned that 70% of all the trash found in water comes from on land. Instructors helped collect the trash and tally it in various categories, a system created by the Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean. The Rozalia Project is a group of people who travel around New England on a sailboat called the American Promise, picking up trash and educating others about keeping the ocean clean. The Rozalia Project has been visiting Boston for the past week, and Step 1 got to go on the boat and see what the Rozalia Project does. They showed us their trash-collecting robot, Hector the Collector, and we even got to see it in action. The kids learned that they really do make a difference when it comes to cleaning up the ocean. It was a great week for the instructors as well!

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As Claire mentioned in the last post, this week students learned about marine mammals as part of this week’s theme: “Marine Mammal Maniacs.”  At the beginning of the lesson I discuss with the students the definition of and facts about marine mammals.  Then, most importantly, I relate it back to local species and we focus on marine mammals found in Boston Harbor and Massachusetts. 

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