For this past summer, and the previous three, I worked in the Swim Sail Science (SSS) program at Courageous. In Swim Sail Science, we work with third and fourth graders from three schools: the Harvard Kent, Orchard Gardens, and the Warren Prescott. Their time in our youth program was split between school, swimming lessons, and sailing which meant, as a sailing instructor, I only got to teach the students for 2 hours every other day. The kids we have are ridiculously amazing and fun to teach; they are so smart and creative and overflowing with positive energy that it's hard not to feel like a kid when you're around them.b2ap3_thumbnail_angelina_20150827-180834_1.jpg

During this summer I had the pleasure of working with a student named Angelina. Angelina is the perfect example of an SSS student, she is energetic, smart, curious and talkative and is a pleasure to be around. Angelina had never been on a sailboat prior to this summer but was soon in love with it and at the end of the first week told my fellow instructor, Hannah, that she wants to be an instructor when she grows up. Over the next 5 weeks, she learned how to rig a boat, raise sails, adjust them, she learned how to steer a boat, and she also learned how to be a crew. She became a great beginner sailor.

On our second to last day at camp, parents and family members were invited to come to Courageous and sail with their children to see what they learned over the summer. While walking with Angelina, she told me that she was upset because she didn't have any family that could come to see what she'd learned but when I told her that she could still go sailing with her sailing instructors, she was over the moon with excitement. "You guys are like my family too" she said, grabbing my hand to pull me onto the pier.

I've always felt like Courageous was my home away from home because I've sailed here for the past 11 years but to hear Angelina, who 5 weeks ago was a nervous newcomer that had never stepped on a sail boat before, say that she felt at home on a boat with her sailing instructors was so heartwarming and made me tear up. She is the perfect example of why this program is important and necessary and why I feel so fortunate to work where I do with the kids that I do. Courageous is a place where kids like Angelina and I can push outside of our comfort zone by sailing on a bustling harbor while also giving us a community that we can call home.

By: Caroline Ward



BBQ with the Mayor

Today the 2015 summer youth programs come to an end. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped make this a summer a success. Our incredible instructors have taken the time to write about their experiences at Courageous, which we will be sharing weekly throughout the off season. In the meantime, here are some of our favorite moments from the past two months. ‪#‎Bossummerlearning‬‪#‎Courageoussailing‬‪#‎CHV‬‪#‎JamaicaPond‬‪#‎schooneraventure‬

b2ap3_thumbnail_BUnny-photos-009.JPGStep 2 Pirate Day

b2ap3_thumbnail_bunny-011.JPGStaff at Camp Harbor View

b2ap3_thumbnail_eagle.jpgTouring the USCG Barque Eagle

b2ap3_thumbnail_end-of-summer-bbq.jpgSSS Showcase/BBQ

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_7355.JPGStep 3 sailing the harbor

b2ap3_thumbnail_JP-Staff.jpgJP staff dressed up for Make-A-Mark

b2ap3_thumbnail_spectacle-island-trips.jpgStep 1 at Spectacle Island

b2ap3_thumbnail_Step-171.JPGStep 4 racing Piers Park

b2ap3_thumbnail_summer-004.JPGStep Program Family BBQ

b2ap3_thumbnail_superintendant.jpgSuperintendent Chang visiting SSS andtweeting about his sail

b2ap3_thumbnail_staff.jpgStaff enjoying a sail in the harbor

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_0344.JPGBring your pet to youth program

b2ap3_thumbnail_crab-trap.jpgPulling up lobster traps and learning about marine life

b2ap3_thumbnail_IITS-adventure-schooner.jpgIITs aboard Schooner Adventure