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SwimSailScience (SSS) is a no-cost, fun, three-week program for Boston Public School students going into grades 4, 5, and 6 who are identified at being at risk of summer learning loss and who can most benefit from summer programming. The program participants are from low-income neighborhoods, have behavior and/or learning disabilities, have emotional issues, and are disadvantaged. During our program we provide students with three hours of sailing lessons, one hour of swimming lessons and one hour of hands-on, engaging science lessons. The students who attend also receive transportation to and from the sailing center, breakfast, lunch, and reusable water bottles all at no cost.

Work with SSS Science Teacher and SSS Program Coordinator to organize SSS students
Oversee the sailing aspects of the SSS program
Create lesson plan for each session
Create a sail plan each day that you share with the site director
Facilitate chalk talks for students
Over see SSS instructors as they give chalk talks and instruction
Manage SSS instructors and aid in their leadership development
Communicate with the parent's of your sailing students regarding what students need to bring each day and how each student progressed
Attend all 4 days of staff orientation
Attend staff meetings
Be a cooperative member of the Youth Program staff
Maintain a fun, positive, friendly atmosphere for your students
Instill a sense of respect and safety for the Courageous fleet, Boston Harbor, and for each person

US Sailing Level 1 Instructor Certification, equivalent or more advanced
2-3 years sailing instruction experience
Completion of NASBLA-approved safety boat course through the MA Environmental Police and/or through the US Sailing Level I certification course
Current First Aid/CPR certification
Positive and enthusiastic attitude
Outstanding communication and team management skills
Excellent references
A passion for sailing, the ocean, and working with kids