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Head Coach: Step 4


Step 4 combines racing 420's and cruising J-22's. Students are advanced sailors looking to gain experience in both racing and cruising. Each session is 3 weeks long and during this time, students get to participate in regattas and overnight camping trips on the Boston Harbor Islands.


  • Create a comprehensive 3 week lesson plan
  • Work with the Step 4 Racing and Cruising Coaches to create a sail plan each day that you share with the site director
  • Prepare lessons for days when sailing is not possible
  • Plan, organize and prepare for camping trips and regattas
  • Facilitate chalk talks for students
  • Lead chores at the end of each day
  • Disseminate evaluation surveys twice a session
  • Communicate with the parent's of your sailing students regarding what students need to bring each day and how each student is progressing
  • Complete a Massachusetts Work Based Learning Plan for each of your instructors
  • Attend all 4 days of staff orientation
  • Attend staff meetings
  • Be a cooperative member of the Youth Program staff
  • Maintain a fun, positive, friendly atmosphere for your students
  • Instill a sense of respect and safety for the Courageous fleet, Boston Harbor, and for each person


  • US Sailing Level 1 Instructor Certification, equivalent or more advanced
  • 2-3 years sailing instruction experience
  • 2-3 years of cruising experience, experience in J's, and racing 420's
  • Completion of NASBLA-approved safety boat course through the MA Environmental Police and/or through the US Sailing Level I certification course
  • Current First Aid/CPR certification
  • Positive and enthusiastic attitude
  • Outstanding communication and team management skills
  • Excellent references
  • A passion for sailing, the ocean, and working with kids