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Group Practice Class

Group Practice Class

3 Hours

Group Practice Classes are a great way to practice some of the skills you learned in your Basic Keelboat Part 1 course, to gain some confidence before heading out on your own, or to brush up on skills if you're just coming back to sailing after a break. On alternating Saturday and Sunday mornings one of our senior instructors will lead on-the-water review sessions for up to 4 people or 2 boats. The morning will start with some on-shore chalk-talk, so come prepared with questions and then be ready to practice!  Students will be paired up to sail together in Daysailorss (unless you really want to practice single-handing with some supervision!) while the instructor coaches from a motorboat.  Some time each day will focus on specific skills, like docking or crew-overboard recovery techniques, or group practice drills to improve general boathandling. This is a great way to build from Red Flag to Yellow Flag, build more confidence, or to get back into it if you haven't been sailing in a while.
Prerequisite: Some sailing experience required
For more information about courses, or to purchase and schedule a course, please email Ann Nguyen, Jamaica Pond Site Director - Adult Programs, or call the JP Boathouse directly at 617-522-5061



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Private Lessons and Charters

Private Lessons and Charters

Jamaica Pond Daysailor - Up to 3 guests

Sailing made to order. For beginning to advanced sailors, on any topic.  Ask Ann and she will put together a lesson, course or cruise just for you!
For more information about courses, or to purchase and schedule a course, please email Ann Nguyen, Jamaica Pond Site Director - Adult Programs, or call the JP Boathouse directly at 617-522-5061

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Donation Cancelled

We see you have cancelled your donation...

If you have any questions about ways to support Courageous, feel free to contact Dave or Kate by email or by giving them a call in the office at 617-242-3821.

Individual donations are a crucial part of funding our need-blind youth programs.  Volunteer projects, corporate sponsorships, adult memberships and courses, Pier 4 rentals and special events are all great ways to get involved and support Courageous Sailing's mission, too.

We are eager to have you join the Courageous community, so please contact us with any questions.  Thanks for stopping by!

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Tuesday, 01 December 2009 13:44

Thank you for your gift!

Thank you for your gift!


The generosity of individual donors like you are a crucial part of funding youth program operations and scholarships for Boston youth in need.  Thank you for being an active part of the Courageous community!

We look forward to seeing you in 2012!  In the meantime, if you have any questions about our youth programs, special events, courses or memberships, don't hesitate to contact Dave or Kate by email or by giving us a call in the office at 617-242-3821.


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2012 Season Tips for Members

12 Quick Tips and Reminders For Courageous Members
  1. All new members must go through an orientation and checkout sail before using the fleet.  Returning members can skip the orientation this year, but must review and sign an orientation review sheet at the front desk.

  2. Check-in with a checkout. Returning members can go on a checkout, even if they already have a skipper rating. Checkouts are a good way to connect with our instructor staff, get some feedback on your skills and receive recommendations on taking your sailing to the next level.

  3. Stay connected and be social.  Our Facebook page is a great place to keep up with our day to day activities.  We post racing results, pictures, updates on media and events, and much more on our page.  We also post weather/wind updates, early closures, and restrictions (i.e. No red flags today, reefing for everyone else due to 15 knot winds gusting to 18) on our Facebook page. Meet your fellow members at weekly barbecues, parties, harbor trips, our new group practice classes, thursday night racing, and online through our members-only website.

  4. Meet Dave DiLorenzo, Director of Adult Programs, and Cha-Ling OConnell, Assistant Director of Adult Programs. Feel free to contact them with any questions regarding Adult Program membership or courses!

  5. Bookmark and check our calendar for the most detailed view of what's happening at Courageous.

  6. Bookmark and get in the habit of using "Boat Bookings", our online boat reservation system.  While boats are usually available, our fundraising events and youth program can sometimes stretch the fleet to capacity on nice days at peak hours.  Members can make up to two reservations at a time. Note that if we run out of Rhodes 19s entirely during events, we will upgrade qualified skippers to J/22s and other boats as available.

  7. Be Reachable! For safety, members must be reachable at all times while on the water, either via VHF radio or cell phone. If we cannot reach a member via VHF radio of cell phone, we will assume the worst and send a safety boat out to find the member, and the member may be subject to a $50 fee to cover search expenses.  Be sure that radios or cell phones are on, charged, and the ringer/volume set to high!  We have a collection of radios that we can loan to members, and highly encourage sailors to invest in their own if they will be sailing outside the inner harbor.

  8. Be aware of wind conditions, tidal currents, and sunset!  We post this information each day on the whiteboard in the boathouse.  Members are responsible for anticipating the time required to return to Courageous, including the impact of wind speed variations - members are responsible for paying the fee for being towed back to Courageous unless the tow is due to equipment failure not caused by the member.  As we do not have running light on our J/22s or R-19s, any member still out on the harbor by sunset must be towed in for safety reasons, and will be subject to a towing fee.  Towing fees are $50 for inner harbor, $100 for outer harbor. 

  9. Volunteer!  It takes a whole lot of community effort to keep costs down and provide funding for our youth programs.  There are tons of ways to help, from lending a hand on the dock, to replacing telltales, to taking prospective new members out sailing during our open house.  Interested and available?  Send us an email or give a call to Dave or Cha.

  10. We have great deals for our members on sailing gear, so check out our online store or take a look at the catalogue at the boathouse! 

  11. Our picnic tables and grills are available to use anytime that we are open - perfect for a post sail barbecue on a summers night!  While we have a strict no-alcohol-before-or-during-sailing policy, feel free to enjoy a post-sail personal beverage responsibly.

  12. Last but not least, when you're unsure, just ask! All of our staff are here to help - whether you're unsure how to depart the dock under certain wind conditions, or wondering how to get involved in certain programs, or thinking of taking a class. Ask staff at the front desk, on the dock or feel free to call or email Dave or Cha.
Saturday, 18 September 2010 16:38

Good friends, partners and supporters

An informal list of organizations we like, be they direct supporters or partner programs, others with like-minded missions, or those who inspire and motivate us to keep making Courageous better.

The Ally Foundation - Every August they bring us the Flip Flop Regatta, the highlight of our summer sailing calendar. The rest of the year they develop research-practices and legislation aimed at reducing the incidence of violent and sexual crime.

Camp Harborview Foundation - Our newest partner-site, on Long Island, dedicated to serving some of Boston's most at-risk youth.

Save the Harbor / Save the Bay - THE advocates for Boston Harbor and Massachusetts Bay, dedicated to waterfront restoration, protection and public-access.

Sailors for the Sea - Educating and empowering the boating community to protect and restore our oceans.

PIB - Professional Italians in Boston - Not a sailing organization, but great fans of sailing, huge supporters of Courageous, and the ones to thank for introducing Courageous Sailing to Mascalzone Latino.  When PIB is not sailing, they are busy organizing events that feature an impressive roster of speakers.








Saturday, 18 September 2010 16:38

Sailing News

Online sailing media = all the sailing news that's fit (and unfit) to print.  Heavy on the racing, the carbon-fibre, the expensive bells and whistles.  Light on what around here we like to consider the future of the sport: local fleets and grass-roots community sailing programs like ours.  Like a steady diet of sugar and caffeine, sometimes it's too much, sometimes never enough but usually a sweet time while it lasts.  Just don't forget that all the stories of TP52s and new 70' AC cats in the world PALE next a REAL Rhodes 19, J/22 (or Laser!) sailing in REAL breeze on Boston Harbor.  Don't just read about it, go sailing!

Sailing Anarchy - The standard-bearers of sailing world irreverence.

Sailing Scuttlebutt - The other daily standard in online sailing world news.

Sailgroove - We can't say enough good things about Sailgroove and it's founder, BU-grad Chris Love.  Great video coverage of events big and small, and THE place to go for college sailing fans.

Print Mags, online






Saturday, 18 September 2010 16:38


Weather...the all-important subject for us sailors. We could list many more, but here are some of the sites that we check everyday.

Weather Underground Conditions and Forecast at Logan - Nice, simple presentation of both current conditions and forecast

NOAA Current Conditions at Logan Airport - For the purists, just the facts from NOAA - Current Temp, Wind and Pressure

Weather Underground Marine Forecast - Marine Weather from NOAA, packaged nicely for Boston by WUnderground.

NOAA Coastal Marine Forecast - All NOAA's marine forecasts for Southern New prepared to scroll.

Sailflow - Our not-too-secret vice, we honestly can't live without it. Not free, though. But want to know in a glance what it's blowing, where? Want breeze-focused forecast discussions written for sailors? One word: Sailflow.

IWindsurf - Good, free wind forecast tables from the Sailflow people.

Radar - Sure, sailors did ok for themselves for millenia without radar.  But their life-expectancy is up these days, in no small part thanks to radar.  Check it!

AccuWeather - General weather site, easy on the eyes, not too light on content









    Saturday, 18 September 2010 16:38

    Community Sailing

    Community Sailing, we think, is key to sailing's future. Courageous is just one of a growing number of fantastic organizations, all dedicated to making sailing as accessible as possible, for their communities and for the next generation.

    Community Boating, Inc. - No one has done community sailing so long and so well as CBI!

    Pier Park Sailing Center - Our good friends over in Eastie. Home of Olympic Gold-Medalist Maureen Tucker and her award-winning adaptive sailing programs.

    Sail Newport - We love Sail Newport!  If only Newport were little closer...

    US Sailing - Just the US national governing body of sailing.  No biggie.  Their tagline says it all, "Sailing, organized."  These guys provide the support that makes so much happen, for those just learning to sail, for the US Olympic Team and everything in between, including sailing schools and community sailing centers like Courageous!

    Scuola Vela Mascalzone Latino - Our new and amazing sister-school in Naples, Italy, dedicated to serving that city's most at-risk youth.  From Vincenzo Onorato and all the great people behind the Italian America's Cup team Mascalzone Latino. Bravo, ragazzi!







    Tuesday, 09 February 2010 13:17

    Mascalzone Latino's Vincenzo Onorato in Boston

    Benvenuto, Vincenzo Onorato! Forza, Mascalzone-Latino!

    Vincenzo Onorato and Miguel CortiOn February 17th, Courageous Sailing had the distinct honor of welcoming to Boston the new America's Cup Challenger of Record, Vincenzo Onorato, founder and head of the Italian AC team, Mascalzone Latino.  

    Mr. Onorato came to Boston as the guest of Professionisti Italiani di Boston (PIB), a group of professional Italians living in Boston, to spread awareness and raise support for his new sailing school in Naples, Italy, the Scuola Vela Mascalzone Latino.  Like Courageous Sailing, the mission of Scuola Vela is to provide opportunities, through sailing, to kids at risk.  The need for and potential of such a program is particularly urgent in Naples, where in some areas of the city the poverty rate is among the worst in Europe. (Naples is also, of course, one of Italy's most beautiful and important cities.)  And Mr. Onorato could not have been a more compelling and passionate advocate for providing hope and opportunity to children raised in poverty.  In a crowd full of sailors eager to hear about the next America's Cup, everyone wanted to hear more about the kids, the school and how they could help. 

    The timing for this visit was incredible, as the America's Cup had just finished days before in Valencia, Spain, and  Mr. Onorato - as news spread that Mascalzone Latino was to be the America's Cup Challenger of Record - found himself at the center of the sailing world's attention.  Everyone wanted to know where, when and in what boats the next America's Cup would be held, and though there are no answers to these questions just yet, it didn't stop people from trying.  Vincenzo Onorato and PIB's Giovanni Abbadessa

    PIB had the vision several months ago to propose a partnership between Courageous Sailing and the Mascalzone Scuola Vela, recognizing the compatibility of our missions and potential for great collaborations. This came to fruition on the 17th when Mr. Onorato and his team toured the Courageous site and met with the Courageous team over lunch. It quickly became clear that Courageous and Mascalzone had much to learn from one another and much to gain from a collaboration.  And that evening, during his talk, Mr. Onorato invited Miguel up to microphone with him to announce our new relationship.  Mr. Onorato announced the exciting first steps: an student exchange, bringing some of their kids to Boston, and some of ours to Naples; flying the Courageous flag on the Mascalzone boats (and theirs on ours), and inviting Courageous kids into the ML America's Cup team base.   

    In Vincenzo's words: "When you are sailing it's necessary to trust one another and work together constructively, or else you don't succeed; the same can be said about life...what we have created is not only a school of sailing, but of life as well."  We couldn't agree more, and are looking forward to working closely together with Mr. Onorato and his team in the months and years to come.


    Here are a few recaps of the event.



    The full report from PIB 

    A fantastic account from Courageous' own Judy Krimski

    And a short report on Scuttlebutt from Tufts' coach Ken Legler

    Thank you, Professionisti Italiani di Boston (PIB) for bringing together Courageous Sailing and Mascalzone Latin, and for hosting a fantastic event! We are thrilled to be welcoming PIB into the Courageous community in 2010 and working together on future collaborations. 





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