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Courageous' first volunteer was Harry McDonough who summoned a small group of volunteers to get the resources and support necessary to create Courageous Sailing Center in 1987. Today, volunteers can help with a variety of tasks at Courageous, especially in preparation for the busy summer season. Courageous schedules "Work Parties" where volunteer work crews help Courageous prepare boats for the season, spruce up the boathouse, etc. Volunteers also contribute to our "Guest Coach" program and not only coach our racing program for a day but also talk about how sailing made a difference in their lives and careers.

Contact us to get involved as a volunteer.

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Employment - Youth Program

Youth Program Employment Opportunities

In the Courageous youth program, we strive to transform kids' lives through the sport of sailing. Our sailing school's instruction team works not only to foster students' love of sailing, adventure and the outdoors, but also to give them the values, skills and confidence that they will need to thrive in their lives beyond Courageous. The Courageous Youth Programs have opportunities for everyone from aspiring instructors to seasoned outdoor educators and youth program managers. Expand the list below to learn and apply to available positions.


Give back. Change Lives. Apply today!

To Apply: 

(1) Compose a cover letter that lists the positions you are interested in, describes your qualifications for these positions and explains why you wish to work at Courageous Sailing.
(2)  Update your resume, in a way that highlights any relevant experience in sailing instruction, sailing, teaching, coaching, working with youth, etc. Please also list and/or send photocopies of any relevant certifications.
(4) In the event that the application form is not working for you, you may also email or mail all of the above application materials to the Director of Youth Programs:


Attn: Kate Henderson
Director of Youth Programs
Courageous Sailing
One First Avenue
Charlestown Navy Yard
Boston, MA 02129
Thursday, 29 November 2012 19:00

Blog post #1

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2011 Courageous Challenge

2011courageouschallenge16th Annual

Courageous Challenge Charity Regatta

May 23, June 6, 13, 20, and 27 
6 pm to sunset

For the past sixteen years, the Courageous Challenge has been our most popular and successful corporate fundraiser.

What is the Courageous Challenge?

The Courageous Challenge is a corporate regatta and teambuilding event. By participating, your company is supporting Courageous' free programs for Boston youth, where over 10,000 children have learned to sail over the past eighteen years. Learn more about our youth programs!

How does the Challenge work?

The Challenge Regatta runs for four consecutive Monday nights (June 6, 13, 20 and 27), with a prepartory night of sailing and instruction on May 23.

The first night of the regatta is a "Racing Clinic". The evening includes practice races from 6pm to sunset. We will have coaches on hand to work with you on and off the water, all followed by fun awards and video coverage immediately following the races.

The next four nights are when the competition heats up! Each team races with their respective crews, and Gourmet Caterers provides a light buffet on the Courageous pier at sunset.
On the final night one young sailor from the Courageous Advanced Racing Program will join your team. The Challenge culminates with an awards ceremony and farewell barbecue.

No sailing experience is necessary to compete in the Courageous Challenge. If you request, our experienced and knowledgeable instructor staff will be on hand to show you everything you need to know. Also, keep in mind that the two to three people in your sailboat can change from week to week, this allows for more people to take part in the fun. But many teams have the same people racing each week.

Donation Structure

All Club levels include the application of the campany's name on one of our Rhodes 19s for the entire season.

Skipper’s Club $2,500

5 nights of racing on Boston Harbor.
Donation pays for:

15 children to attend the Courageous Learn to Sail Program.

Commodore’s Club $3,500

5 nights of racing on Boston Harbor.
Company logo in full color on the jib sail.
10 tickets to Courageous Sailing Center’s Make-A-Mark Gala.
Donation pays for:

15 children to attend the Courageous Learn to Sail Program and;
5 children to attend the Courageous Advanced Racing or Cruising Program.

Admiral’s Club $4,500

5 nights of racing on Boston Harbor.
Company logo in full color on the jib sail.
10 tickets to Courageous Sailing Center’s Make-A-Mark Gala.
Donation pays for:

15 children to attend the Courageous Learn to Sail Program;
5 children to attend the Courageous Advanced Racing or Cruising Program, and;
One teenage sailor to attend our Instructor In Training Program.

Thursday, 08 January 2009 10:45

Impact Beyond Sailing

photo (c) Russ Bolt 2008


The Courageous Youth Program does so much more than just teach sailing.  At Courageous, we aim to transform kids' lives through the sport of sailing.  Our instruction team works to foster a love of sailing, adventure and the outdoors.  They give students the values, skills and confidence that they will need to thrive in their communities and their lives.

Leadership Training

We teach students to empldy the values of our COURAGE curriculum, both on the water and off.  As they learn to sail, participate in team-building activities and discussions, and engage in community service projects around the harbor, our students cultivate essential life skills including those in communication, teamwork and leadership.

Environmental Education

Courageous collaborates with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay and Sailor's for the Sea to teach our students an active respect for the waters on which they sail and the surrounding ecosystem,  Students learn about the many organisms and natural resources of Boston Harbor and, under the guidance of our instruction team, initiate beach clean-ups, water quality testing, and other activities to help protect some of our city's most precious environmental treasures.

Professional Development/Job Training
Our youth students often advance to become Courageous employees, gaining valuable experience that gives them a jump start on entering the working world. Through our innovative Instructor-in-Training (IIT) and Continuing Education programs, staff members hone not only their sailing and boat maintenance skills, but also their skills in teaching, leadership and professionalism. [more...]
Wednesday, 14 January 2009 14:58

Directions to Jamaica Pond

JP AutumnThe Jamaica Pond Boathouse is located at the intersection of the Jamaica Way and Pond Street. Jamaica Pond is a one and one-half mile walk from the Orange Line's Green Street T Stop, and is also on bus routes 39, 41 and 48.
Jamaica Pond Boathouse, 507 Jamaica Way, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
Wednesday, 14 January 2009 14:58

Directions to Charlestown


Click here for a Google map that shows where we are, where nearby parking is, and how to walk to us from public transport.

Physical Address: Pier 4, Charlestown Navy Yard

Mailing Address: One First Avenue, Charlestown, MA

By Car:

From south of Boston: Take Interstate 95N to Interstate 93N to Boston. Go through the new I-93 North tunnel. Stay in the right lane. Take exit (#23) (Govt. Center). Stay to the right when the exit ramp splits, towards the North End and Charlestown. Proceed straight onto North Washington Street and across the Bridge. Take a right at the end of the bridge onto Chelsea Street. Follow the directions below.

North of Boston: From 93 Southbound: Take "Sullivan Square/Charlestown" exit (#28). Go straight to set of lights. At the rotary take your second right on to Rutherford Avenue past Bunker Hill Community College. At second light, take left onto Chelsea Street. Follow the directions below.

From Storrow Drive Eastbound: Continue along the Drive until it ends at the I-93/North Station exit. Follow signs to North Station. At the lights, take a left onto Causeway St. The Fleet Center and North Station will be on your left. At the next set of lights, N. Washington St., make a left and cross the Charlestown Bridge. Make a right at the first set of lights onto Chelsea Street. Follow the directions below.

Continue on Chelsea though two sets of traffic lights. At the third set of lights, take a right into the Navy Yard. Upon entering Gate 4 of the Navy Yard, you should see red and white signs pointing you to Courageous. Take your first left on to First Avenue, and then take your first right on Eighth Street. Follow the road behind the Flagship Wharf Complex. The road will bring you right to the base of Pier 4, where we are located in the white building on the pier. There is no parking on the pier.

Take the green or orange line to North Station. Follow Causeway St. towards the North End; take a left onto North Washington St. and cross the Charlestown Bridge. Take a right at the first set of lights onto Chelsea St., and walk through the Constitution Complex along the waterfront. Take a right onto Pier 4; Courageous is the white building on the pier.

By Bus:
Bus #93 runs from the Haymarket and Sullivan Square Stations to First Avenue in the Charlestown Navy Yard. Upon getting off the bus, follow the above directions to Courageous.

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Racing at Courageous

Fleet Racing on Boston Harbor

There's nothing like the thrill of racing to improve your skills. Courageous makes racing easy to get into and hard to stop.

Check in over at our member's site for weekly scores, photos, NORs, SIs and more.



Saturday Frostbiting is Back!

It's that time again! Time to stop griping that summer's over and another "regular season" of sailing is almost behind us.   Time to dig out the hats and gloves and get psyched for another awesome season of frostbiting.  Last season was one of our all time best.  Our 24-boat R19 fleet offered some of the most consistent, high level competition to be found this side of Newport.  More than ever, the fleet was an inspiration to  Courageous kids and community AND simply the best racing around.

Here's the calendar for the 2011-2012 Season:

• Fall Series: November 12, 19; December 3, 10, 17
• Winter Series: January 7, 14, 21, 28, February 4
• Valentine’s-Day Regatta: February 11
• Spring Series: February 18, 25; March 3, 10, 17

The schedule each Saturday is the following:

• 1130 Skipper’s meeting
• 1200 First warning
• 1500 Final race start

These spots go fast, so it's important to signup early to secure a spot.  The cost is $1200 per team, with  24 spots available.  Typically, teams sail with one skipper and one crew, though sailing with three is not uncommon.  Note that this fleet is not for beginners. If you are new to Courageous frostbiting, we'll need to know a bit about your racing background.  If this is the case, or for any/all questions, contact Dave.

This year we are offering a $100 early-bird discount for those who pay in full by October 15.  To get the discount and pay now, click here.

Securing a spot without full payment requires a $200 non-refundable deposit.  Please note, the balance must be paid by Nov 1.  To make a deposit and secure your team's spot right away, click here.

To download the Notice of Race, click here.

Fall 2011

Saturday R19 Racing

Come mid-September, our Thursday night open R19 Series moves to Saturday afternoons.  Expect the same winning formula (chalk-talks and debriefs), plus 2.5 hrs of racing, from 1:30pm to 4pm.

Price: Free for members and students, $5 for CBI members, $25 for non-members.

Sunday Laser Racing

Our Thursday night Laser series is back in the Fall with three hours of racing each Sunday from 1pm-4pm.

Price: $280 for the complete series (7 Sundays) or $55 per day, if room is available.  Please contact Dave with any questions or to sign up!

Spring/Summer 2011

J/22 Mondays - Team, Match & Fleet Racing - May 16 through Early September

Monday Team & Match Racing is for those who like their sailboat racing even more intense and tactical. Our J/22s wait all week for the chance to express their dinghy nature on Monday nights.  In 2011, every third or fourth Monday we'll break out the spinnakers, lengthen the courses and do some back-to-basics fleet racing.

Price: $10/person/night for members & students, $25/non-members

Advanced R19 Fleet Racing Tuesdays - May 17 through Early September

One of the most-competitive fleets in Boston, this series attracts our top frostbiters, as well as great racers from around the area.

Price: $300/team/season for members & students, $400/team for non-members

J22 PHRF Wednesdays - May 18 through September

This year all our J/22s are available to race PHRF-style against Boston's big boats, all the while enjoying a little one-design action amongst themselves.   Though we can't pay your entry fee ($30/day), we love to see our J/22 members out there competing against the big boys.

Price: Free use of the boats for J/22 members.  CYC series fee is $30/day.

 Thursday Beginner/Intermediate Rhodes 19 Racing - May 19 through Early September

For great informal racing in Boston Harbor, Thursday nights at Courageous is the place to be. Test your skills against the competition and improve your skills as you go, both by picking up tips from your fellow members and taking advantage of pre-race chack talks, on-the-water coaching and post-race debriefs by one of our skilled racing coaches.  And afterward, you'll want to stick around for our Thursday night barbecues on Pier 4.

Price: Free for members and students, $5 for CBI members, $25 for non-members.

Thursday Laser Racing - May 19 through Early September

For the first time ever, Laser sailing at Courageous!  Race one of our brand new Lasers for just $40 per night ($30 for members) in a twelve boat fleet. Space is limited to 20 for the 2011 season.

Price: $300/person/season for members & students, $400 for non-members


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Employment - Adult Program

Adult Program Employment Opportunities

At Courageous we are committed to making the highest quality sailing education accessible to the community. We rely on instructors who are both great sailors and great teachers. If you have taught sailing before, or have wanted to, we want to hear from you!
Adult Program Instructor positions are typically part-time, with most classes running on the weekends and weekday evenings, so are often a great fit for those with "real jobs" who want to do something totally different in their spare time.  Some full time instructor positions are also available.
Saturday, 10 January 2009 22:42

Boat Donations/Sales

Boat Donations/Sales

Donated boats are typically used in our youth and membership programs and then sold after several years of use to help keep our youth sailing programs FREE.  In particular, we are looking for good quality Rhodes 19s, J/22s and larger cruising boats.  Please contact Fleet Manager Dan Keenan via email if you are considering donating a boat to Courageous.

Our inventory of boats for sale is changing all of the time.  For an updated listing of what Courageous has for sale please email Dan Keenan.

List of Boats Currently Available:

"Midnight Special" 1974 Ranger 23  ($2,000) [UNDER OFFER 11/23/11]

"Small Change" 1976 Ranger 23  ($2,000) [AVAILABLE 11/23/11]

"Clara Lee" 1970 Westerly Cirrus  ($3,000) [UNDER OFFER 11/23/11]


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