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Our Full membership gives you access to our whole Rhodes 19 fleet (25 boats!), 7 days a week, May 1st through October 31st (or for one calendar year if purchased after May 1st).  It is by far the best value on the harbor.  For an additional $100, get the J/22 upgrade and use our J/22 fleet as well.  Don’t forget a Guest Pass so that you can take your friends and family sailing!

Purchase your membership now by clicking on the Purchase Memberships tab to the left!

Wednesday, 11 September 2013 10:42

Course Purchase Complete


Congratulations on purchasing a Learn to Sail course at Courageous.

Not only will you be learning a life-long skill that you can enjoy with friends and family, your purchase of this course will support Courageous' vision to remove barriers to access for all Boston youth, the public and people with physical and intellectual challenges.


Please contact the Adult Program to schedule your course.

(617) 242-3821 x17


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Tuesday, 09 July 2013 18:42

June 11

1. John Tagliamonte
2. Jack Flaherty
3. Anna-Marije Veenland

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Tuesday, 09 July 2013 18:39

June 25

1. Pat Clancy
2. Kim Bodaar
3. Luke Merchant

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Tuesday, 09 July 2013 18:18

July 1

1. John Tagliamonte
2. Ben Geffken
3. Stephanie Muto

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Tuesday, 09 July 2013 18:08

July 8

1. Alex Wisch
2. Brendan Hurd
3. Stephanie Muto

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Tuesday, 09 July 2013 16:47

Monday July 8th

The second night of the summer Laser series was our best turnout yet. With 10 of 12 Courageous Lasers plus 1 private boat helmed by David Crosby we were able to get some tight racing in. A light easterly settled in around 6-9 kts and offered good opportunity to gain on both sides of the beat, although generally the right side tended to produce the leaders. After a brief tanker interruption that caused us to abandon race #3, we got rolling again for races 4 and 5. Intermitent rain finally gave way to a a dim yellow glow and a dying breeze around 20:15 as the last boats finished. Just as the last boat hit the dock the USS Constitution called the evening to the close.

We have a very full group of nightly racers, with lots of new faces mixed in, including some recent graduates of our Laser to Laser Clinic who have come out to test their skills against the advanced fleet. There are still some seasonal slots open, so if you are a nightly racer and want to guarentee you'll have a spot for the rest of the season now is the time to sign up. Likewise if you have you own boat and want to store and race it at Courageous we still have a couple of spots left on the dock. Contact Hugh to get it all worked out.

Next week we will have some food on the grill provided by David Crosby. If you'd like to stick around afterwards please chip in a little to cover the costs. Also remember to sign up on the form every week whether you are a nightly or a seasonal racer so we know who is coming and who to reserve a boat for. If you have a full season Laser membership and are not racing we'd like to be able to make that boat available to a nightly racer to keep the line full.
Tuesday, 25 June 2013 17:25

June 24th - Final Night

The last night of racing at the Courageous Corporate Challenge set up as a close fight with the scores a tight spread of 7 points among the top 3 teams. After a couple of weeks of cancellations due to violent thunderstorms the evening’s conditions set up in typical Boston Harbor fashion. A shifty southwesterly coupled with strong outgoing current from both the Charles and Mystic Rivers.

With a threat of thunderstorms looming 18 boats headed out to the race course. As the first race played out it became clear that several breezes were converging across the course and course-middle was death by velocity header. The call of the night? Get a great start, connect the puffs and choose one side of the course or the other. On the left clearer air and pressure reined but boats that went that way had to contend with a severely headed port layline as they got close to the windward mark. Was it worth to over stand and avoid the headers? Absolutely!  Boats that were patient came into the windward mark with velocity and were able to sail through swirling winds around the mark. But as port tackers closed on the starboard layline they faced the challenge of negotiating around starboard tackers at a mark that was set so close to the shoreline it left very little room to maneuver around starboard tackers.

For those who tacked out and went right 100 percent commitment was the operative word for boats. It was tempting to tack on the mini velocity headers but in the end a patient skipper who hit the starboard tack layline could take advantage of breeze bending perpendicular to the shoreline, riding it all the way to the windward mark.

Skippers who focused on boat speed, connecting the pressures, and getting to the next header won out over those pinching to climb. The strong teams; Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Fidelity and Alphagraphics understood that footing off to the next header got them up the course  much faster and when sailing the run staying patient through the little shifts but not being afraid to gybe in the larger shifts. After four races the consistent finishes from Bank of America Merrill Lynch gave them the night’s win with seven points and overall Series Championship. Fidelity was close behind with 12 points and second place for the series. Third for the night and the series—Alphagraphics.

With four races in the hopper and lightening flashing over the Tobin Bridge the teams heading back to base for post race partying courtesy of Capers Catering and Premier Bartending.  All-in-all the Corporate Challenge was a success in the quality of competition among the 20 teams racing, the introduction of sailing to many new corporate members and the over 60 thousand dollars in funds raised for Courageous youth programs.

Courageous Sailing relies on our corporate community to not only sponsor more than 100 youth each summer but also to add to the growing number of members in the Courageous community. For all your support we are ever grateful. See you out on the water!
And more big thank you's to Capers Catering for all the delicious food, Premier Bartending for the excellent bar service, and AlphaGraphics for those great looking logos. 
For Monday, don't forget to let us know early if you need a skipper, or would like to be put on the waitlist for an extra boat.  
Have a great weekend all, stay dry, and we'll see you on the water!
By Judy Krimski. Read more from her blog, Center of Effort
Tuesday, 25 June 2013 15:25

Challenge Results - Series

Rank Team Low Point Total Excluded Points Total Points
1 Bank of Americal Merrill Lynch  54  23  31 
2 Fidelity 2  60  26  34 
3 Alphagraphics  68  34  34 
4 State Street  88  41  47 
5 Fidelity 1  74  26  48 
6 Mayflower Advisors  77  21  56 
7 Eaton Vance  94  35  59 
8 Atlas Venture  100  41  59 
9 Step Ahead Physical Therapy  113  50  63 
10 Skinner 2  97  31  66 
11 Colony Realty Partners  101  34  67 
12 BzzAgent  112  33  79 
13 Lynch & Associates  139  50  89 
14 Skinner 1  146  50  96 
15 Patriot Energy Group  156  50  106 
16 Yankee Advisors  157  50  107 


Atlas 2  160  50  110 
18 Northern Trust 173  50  123 
19 McGladrey 178  50  128 
20 State Street 2 200  50  150 
21  Alphagraphics 2  200  50  150 
22  Mellon Capital  200  50  150 
23  Industrial Manufacturing Co.  200  50  150 
24  ROUX  200  50  150 
25  Skinner 3  200  50  150 
26 Courageous 1 200 50 150
27 Courageous 2 200 50 150
Place Team Boat # R1 R2 R3 R4 Total

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

2 Fidelity 2  15 1 12 
3 Alphagraphics 13 14 
4 State Street 2 18 
5 Atlas Venture 21 9 4 6  26
6 Fidelity 1 5  4  11 15  38 
7 Lynch  11   6 12  13   39
8 Step Ahead Physical Therapy   8 10  11  10  39 
9 Atlas Venture 2  20  DNC  15  40 
10 Mayflower Advisors  16  DNC  40 
11 Skinner 1  11  13  10  14  48 
12 Yankee Advisors  10   10 14  DNC  50 
13 McGladrey   DNC 15  51 
14 Patriot Energy Group  19  13  17  12  51 
15 Colony Realty Partners   DNC 16  12  53 
16 Eaton Vance  22   DNC 14  16  11  60 


Skinner 2  17   12  18  17  13  60
18 Mellon Capital  12   DNC DNC  DNC  60