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Calendar - Youth Programs

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Calendar - Youth Programs

Members, Courses, Youth Programs or Regattas & Events

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Calendar - Events & Regattas

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Calendar - Events

Members, Courses, Youth Programs or Regattas & Events

Fleet Racing on Boston Harbor

There's nothing like the thrill of racing to improve your skills. Courageous makes racing easy to get into and hard to stop.

Check in over at our member's site for weekly scores, photos, NORs, SIs and more.



Saturday Frostbiting is Back!

It's that time again! Time to stop griping that summer's over and another "regular season" of sailing is almost behind us.   Time to dig out the hats and gloves and get psyched for another awesome season of frostbiting.  Last season was one of our all time best.  Our 24-boat R19 fleet offered some of the most consistent, high level competition to be found this side of Newport.  More than ever, the fleet was an inspiration to  Courageous kids and community AND simply the best racing around.

Here's the calendar for the 2011-2012 Season:

• Fall Series: November 12, 19; December 3, 10, 17
• Winter Series: January 7, 14, 21, 28, February 4
• Valentine’s-Day Regatta: February 11
• Spring Series: February 18, 25; March 3, 10, 17

The schedule each Saturday is the following:

• 1130 Skipper’s meeting
• 1200 First warning
• 1500 Final race start

These spots go fast, so it's important to signup early to secure a spot.  The cost is $1200 per team, with  24 spots available.  Typically, teams sail with one skipper and one crew, though sailing with three is not uncommon.  Note that this fleet is not for beginners. If you are new to Courageous frostbiting, we'll need to know a bit about your racing background.  If this is the case, or for any/all questions, contact Dave.

This year we are offering a $100 early-bird discount for those who pay in full by October 15.  To get the discount and pay now, click here.

Securing a spot without full payment requires a $200 non-refundable deposit.  Please note, the balance must be paid by Nov 1.  To make a deposit and secure your team's spot right away, click here.

To download the Notice of Race, click here.

Fall 2011

Saturday R19 Racing

Come mid-September, our Thursday night open R19 Series moves to Saturday afternoons.  Expect the same winning formula (chalk-talks and debriefs), plus 2.5 hrs of racing, from 1:30pm to 4pm.

Price: Free for members and students, $5 for CBI members, $25 for non-members.

Sunday Laser Racing

Our Thursday night Laser series is back in the Fall with three hours of racing each Sunday from 1pm-4pm.

Price: $280 for the complete series (7 Sundays) or $55 per day, if room is available.  Please contact Dave with any questions or to sign up!

Spring/Summer 2011

J/22 Mondays - Team, Match & Fleet Racing - May 16 through Early September

Monday Team & Match Racing is for those who like their sailboat racing even more intense and tactical. Our J/22s wait all week for the chance to express their dinghy nature on Monday nights.  In 2011, every third or fourth Monday we'll break out the spinnakers, lengthen the courses and do some back-to-basics fleet racing.

Price: $10/person/night for members & students, $25/non-members

Advanced R19 Fleet Racing Tuesdays - May 17 through Early September

One of the most-competitive fleets in Boston, this series attracts our top frostbiters, as well as great racers from around the area.

Price: $300/team/season for members & students, $400/team for non-members

J22 PHRF Wednesdays - May 18 through September

This year all our J/22s are available to race PHRF-style against Boston's big boats, all the while enjoying a little one-design action amongst themselves.   Though we can't pay your entry fee ($30/day), we love to see our J/22 members out there competing against the big boys.

Price: Free use of the boats for J/22 members.  CYC series fee is $30/day.

 Thursday Beginner/Intermediate Rhodes 19 Racing - May 19 through Early September

For great informal racing in Boston Harbor, Thursday nights at Courageous is the place to be. Test your skills against the competition and improve your skills as you go, both by picking up tips from your fellow members and taking advantage of pre-race chack talks, on-the-water coaching and post-race debriefs by one of our skilled racing coaches.  And afterward, you'll want to stick around for our Thursday night barbecues on Pier 4.

Price: Free for members and students, $5 for CBI members, $25 for non-members.

Thursday Laser Racing - May 19 through Early September

For the first time ever, Laser sailing at Courageous!  Race one of our brand new Lasers for just $40 per night ($30 for members) in a twelve boat fleet. Space is limited to 20 for the 2011 season.

Price: $300/person/season for members & students, $400 for non-members


Adult Program Employment Opportunities

At Courageous we are committed to making the highest quality sailing education accessible to the community. We rely on instructors who are both great sailors and great teachers. If you have taught sailing before, or have wanted to, we want to hear from you!
Adult Program Instructor positions are typically part-time, with most classes running on the weekends and weekday evenings, so are often a great fit for those with "real jobs" who want to do something totally different in their spare time.  Some full time instructor positions are also available.

Boat Donations/Sales

Donated boats are typically used in our youth and membership programs and then sold after several years of use to help keep our youth sailing programs FREE.  In particular, we are looking for good quality Rhodes 19s, J/22s and larger cruising boats.  Please contact Fleet Manager Dan Keenan via email if you are considering donating a boat to Courageous.

Our inventory of boats for sale is changing all of the time.  For an updated listing of what Courageous has for sale please email Dan Keenan.

List of Boats Currently Available:

"Midnight Special" 1974 Ranger 23  ($2,000) [UNDER OFFER 11/23/11]

"Small Change" 1976 Ranger 23  ($2,000) [AVAILABLE 11/23/11]

"Clara Lee" 1970 Westerly Cirrus  ($3,000) [UNDER OFFER 11/23/11]


In Boston for a day?

Come to Courageous Sailing! You can go sailing on your own or let one of our expert skippers take the helm and discover Boston from the water. Whether your ideal outing is a family trip, a Corporate Sailing Event or the thrill of competing in a regatta, we have the best option for you!

We are just a few minutes away from Downtown Boston.

Call us now to schedule your outing! Contact Dave DiLorenzo or Cha O'Connell at 617-242-3821 or by email: dave@courageoussailing.org and/or cha@courageoussailing.org.


Group Practice Classes (3 Hours)

Regular Price: $30 for nonmembers, $25 for members

Click Book Now to buy AND schedule your course! Click Buy Now to purchase, but schedule at a later date. Click Redeem to schedule a course you previously purchased.

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On alternating Saturday and Sunday mornings, join other members and students looking for extra practice, coached one of our senior instructors. This is a great way to build from Red Flag to Yellow Flag, earn your Red Flag (if your instructor has given you specific skills to work on), gain more confidence, or to get back into it if you haven't been sailing in a while.  The class starts with an on-shore chalk talk on topics requested by participants, so come prepared with questions.  Students will be paired up to sail together in Rhodes 19s (unless you really want to practice single-handing with some supervision!), while the instructor coaches from a motorboat.  The class might focus on particular skills, like docking or crew-overboard recovery techniques, or on drills to improve general boat handling--let the instructor know what you’d like to work on.  Maximum of 12 participants.

Private Rhodes 19 or J/22 Lesson

Private lessons are perfect if you prefer to learn one-on-one, need more scheduling flexibility than our group classes offer, want to troubleshoot specific skills to earn a rating, or would like to bring a group of mixed ages or experience levels.  We also offer private lessons for children and teens, individually or in groups of up to 4.  Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll do our best to make it happen!  Both Rhodes 19s and J/22s fit up to 3 or 4 students, along with the instructor.  Minimum of 2 hours per lesson; price includes up to 4 students.

Rhodes 19: $95/ hr (Minimum of 2 hours per lesson; price includes up to 3-4 students.)
J/22: $125/ hr (Minimum of 2 hours per lesson; price includes up to 4 students.)
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Private Cruising Lesson

Want some coaching on how a cruising boat handles?  If you’d like the chance to get comfortable with one of our cruising boats before taking out the boat on your own or get some pointers in preparation for a charter of your own, take a private lesson with one of our most experienced instructors.  Lessons can be taught on our Erickson 28, CS 30, Pearson 34, Tartan 27, O'Day 240, or J/24, all of which fit from 4 to 5 students.

Cruising Boat: $150/ hr (Minimum of 2 hours per lesson; price includes up to 5 students depending on the vessel.)
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Advanced Keelboat (12 hours)

Prerequisites: Basic Keelboat Complete or Basic Keelboat Parts 1 & 2 or equivalent experience
Regular Price: $345
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Whether your goal is to sail fast around a race course or to achieve the perfect spinnaker run home from The Graves, Advanced Keelboat is the course for you.  This course is taught in a J/22, a performance boat designed for speed and grace, by our top instructors.  If you are working on a Green Flag rating, preparing for a J/22 checkout, or are interested in getting into racing, Advanced Keelboat can help you work toward your goals- just let your instructor know what you'd like to focus on.

Advanced Keelboat covers: 

  • The finer points of boat handling: how to use crew weight to your advantage, reduce rudder drag, roll tack and jibe, etc.
  • Advanced sail trim: how and when to use the vang, outhaul, Cunningham, traveler, backstay, and other sail controls to determine the shape and maximize the performance of your sails.
  • All you need to know to use a spinnaker well: rigging, sets, jibes, douses, and proper trim.
  • A review of the basics and more advanced techniques, including docking, anchoring, crew overboard recovery, and heavy weather sailing.

Bareboat Cruising (40 hours)

Prerequisite: Basic Cruising or equivalent experience. Participants must be experienced in basic navigation and maneuvering cruising boats (24+ feet) under sail and power.
Course Fee: $895 
US Sailing Certification Fee: $75
Included Text: US Sailing Bareboat Cruising
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Once you start sailing the bigger boats, it’s hard to stop! And there’s always more to learn. Our Bareboat Cruising course is the next step. It picks up where Basic Cruising leaves off and covers topics such as navigation, anchoring, and heavy weather sailing in much greater detail. You’ll learn the things you need to know when chartering a sailboat: the various techniques used around the world for mooring and anchoring (e.g. stern and bow, fork, Mediterranean, Bahamian); controlling the boat under power with confidence; big boat docking techniques; provisioning; visiting the fuel and pump-out dock; VHF communication; and more. We will also take you through a tour of all the important boat systems, peering behind seat covers and into the bilge until you know exactly where everything is, what it does, and what to do (or who to call!) when it doesn’t work.  This course typically includes 3 days of sailing, two overnights at anchor or moored, and additional prep and debrief time.  Maximum of 4 students.

Upon passing the exam at the end of the course, your US SAILING Bareboat Cruising certification will signify that you have sufficient skills and knowledge to safely and confidently skipper an auxiliary powered cruising sailboat between 30’ and 45’ in length, in winds above 15 knots, within sight of land during daylight hours. This certification is widely respected and accepted by many sailboat charter companies in the US and other parts of the world.  Most Bareboat graduates are also qualified for a Courageous cruising membership.