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Leadership Development

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Courageous Youth Program, (c) Russ Bolt 2008


We teach students to embody the values of our COURAGE curriculum, both on the water and off. As they learn to sail, participate in team-building activities and discussions, and engage in community service projects around the harbor, our students cultivate essential life skills including those in communication, teamwork and leadership.

What is Courage?

Courage is the quality of spirit that enables you to face difficulties with self-possession, confidence and resolution. COURAGE also represents a set of values which empowers people to become leaders in school, communities, and the workplace.




  • Definition: Works with others towards common goals.
  • Recipie: Communication • Compromise • Patience
  • Lingo: We can do this together. How can I help? We are a team.
  • Actions: Actively participates. Encourages others. Communicates effectively.




  • Definition: Listen's to others ideas; is willing to consider new ideas.
  • Recipie:Tolerance •Friendliness • Sportsmanship
  • Lingo: What do you think? I never thought of it that way. That's a good idea.
  • Actions: Considers others' input. Welcomes change.




  • Definition: Accepts others with tolerance and sympathy.
  • Recipie:Forgiveness • Communication • Sympathy • Good Listening Skills
  • Lingo: I see what you mean. It's okay to make mistakes.Let's try again.
  • Actions: Sees a situation from someone else's point of view.




  • Definition: Chooses between right and wrong; keeps their word.
  • Recipie:Accountability •Punctuality • Follow-Through • Trustworthy
  • Lingo: I will. You can count on me. That was my fault.
  • Actions: Arrives to class on-time. Brings all equipment on boat. Keeps boat clean.



  • Definition: Seeks out new experiences with enthusiasm.
  • Recipie:Effort •Participation •Dedication • Interest
  • Lingo: I'm willing to try.This is fun. Can I do that?
  • Actions: Tries something unfamiliar. Overcomes fear.




  • Definition: Looks for ways to positively contribute to their community and the environment.
  • Recipie:Passion •Hard Work•Stewardship • Generosity
  • Lingo: I want to do more.How can I help?
  • Actions: Picks up trash on the pier. Lends a hand when needed.




  • Definition: Undertakes projects with imagination and initiative.
  • Recipie:Motivation • Creativity • Imagination •Learning •Knowledge
  • Lingo: How does this work? I know I can do it. Let's try this.
  • Actions: Does not give up. Tries new approaches to problems.


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