One-Day Membership

Our One-Day membership option, similar to a boat rental, is perfect for experienced sailors who are looking for a little time on the water without a longer commitment. In order to take out one of our Rhodes 19s or J22s, we'll need to schedule a quick on-the-water checkout (including a crew overboard recovery drill and docking under sail) with one of our instructors, which you may do in advance or on the day you go sailing. A One-Day membership gives you access to Boston's inner harbor, and can last for a few hours or the whole day--it's up to you!

Weekend & Holiday pricing:

Rhodes 19: $95

J/22: $145

J/24: $175

Weekday Pricing:

Rhodes 19: $65

J/22: $95

J/24: $135

One-time checkout fee applies to all one-day memberships ($30 for Rhodes 19 + J/22, $50 for J/24). Checkout fee is waived if you complete your checkout in under 30 minutes on the water.

To purchase a One-Day Membership, select the appropriate option from the dropdown menus on our membership page. Weekend rates apply on Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day. Please email to schedule your checkout and reserve a boat.