Sunday, 20 January 2013 19:00

Day 8 Recap

Happy Martin Luther King Day, Frostbiters!
Saturday was the windiest day of racing that we've had yet, and nearly didn't happen!  We waited out some intense 25-30 knot breeze with gusts of near 40 in the inner harbor, but were able to send boats out after an hour delay(reefed, of course)!  I would like to applaud everybody on beautiful looking reefs!  I would also like to thank you all for the safe, responsible sailing that we saw.  It speaks to the good nature of this fleet that the only boat damage Saturday was one gooseneck failure, which you can basically count on happening in breeze like that.  While there were a few close calls that I saw, the fleet sailed conservatively, defensively, and cooperatively given the conditions.  While we did lose one team early on to a thumb-to-eye injury (feel better!!), we kept all of our boats afloat and intact.. unlike some other frostbite fleets out there!
Rob Breslin and Bryan Lee took the day with 5.3 points over 4 races, including a redress from the first race.  Check out one of their exemplary high breeze leeward mark roundings frame by frame here.
Alex Wisch and Anne-Marie Veenland took second with 16 points, followed by some incredibly tight competition between the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th place boats. 
Third - Mark Deshong & Russell Robinson, 20pts
Fourth - Steve Dutcher & Bryan Peugh, 21 pts  
Fifth - Matt Marston & Cheney Brand, 22pts
Sixth - Jen Bodde & Dylan Callahan, 24 pts  
A big thank you to Steve Brett, guest RC, and John Minkle, for bringing the two enormous and delicious pots of soup!