Instructor-In-Training Program (IIT)


Job Description

The IIT program is an intensive job-training program designed to take young sailors from student to instructor during an eight-week summer session.  Full completion of the IIT program typically takes two summers.  This program will help you master your sailing skills, build your confidence on the water and as a leader, bring together you and your peers as a formidable sailing instruction team.  The IIT program will also prepare you for the industry-standard US Sailing Level 1 instructor certification course by introducing you to some basic instruction techniques and giving you the opportunity to apply them by helping to teach the Courageous Step 1/2 Programs at all three of our sites!

Returning IIT's

If you hope to return for a second summer of the IIT program in 2013, you must reapply.  No essay is necessary; however you will be asked to come to Courageous for an interview and sailing test sometime in March of 2013.  Click here to fill out the Returning Instructor-in-Training information update form.  Please complete by March 1, 2013, or your chances of losing a spot to a new applicant will be greatly increased.  Thank you!

Prospective IITs

To meet the requirements for entering the 2013 IIT program, you must:

    • Be 15-years-old before July 1, 2013;

    • Have successfully completed a full session of either Cruising or Racing in 2012, or its equivalent

(Important: If you have not completed this course and would still like to be considered for the Courageous IIT Program, please contact the youth program director immediately; in 2013 this may not necessarily exclude you from becoming an IIT)

    • Obtain a current First/Aid CPR certification (Note:IITs areresponsible for covering the cost of their own certification; Courageous may host a pre-season First/Aid CPR if enough IITs are interested)

    • Complete the staff application form by clicking here.

    • Submit an outstanding Application Form and Essay;

    • Wow your Program Director in an Interview;

    • Ace a Sailing Check-Out; and

    • Commit to the full 8-week program, from June 25, until August 16, 2013.

    • For Boston Residents Only: Apply to the Boston Youth Fund/Hopeline program.  This usually happens during February Vacation Week.  For more details, click here:

Essay Question

Instructions: Please choose one of the following questions to answer. The response should be typed, and at least one but no longer than two double-spaced pages with 1-inch margins, using Times New Roman 12-pt font.

Reminder: Those who have already completed at least one summer of the IIT program do not have to complete the essay question.

Question 1:

Courageous Sailing’s mission statement is “Transforming lives through sailing programs that inspire learning, personal growth and leadership.” Who is a leader you admire? In your opinion, what qualities make a strong leader?  Tell the story of a time when you had to be a leader. What qualities do you possess that make you a strong leader. What things do you think you need to work on before you can be as strong a leader as those you admire?

Question 2: 

Who is your favorite teacher?  What qualities made them a great teacher?  Why do you want to be a "teacher" (otherwise known as a "Sailing Instructor") at Courageous Sailing Center? What qualities do you possess that may help you be good at this job?  What things do you think you need to work on before you can be as good at teaching as your favorite teacher?



Apply to the IIT Program


Kate Henderson, Director of Youth Programs

Phone: 617-242-3821 ext. 12