Sailing News

Online sailing media = all the sailing news that's fit (and unfit) to print.  Heavy on the racing, the carbon-fibre, the expensive bells and whistles.  Light on what around here we like to consider the future of the sport: local fleets and grass-roots community sailing programs like ours.  Like a steady diet of sugar and caffeine, sometimes it's too much, sometimes never enough but usually a sweet time while it lasts.  Just don't forget that all the stories of TP52s and new 70' AC cats in the world PALE next a REAL Rhodes 19, J/22 (or Laser!) sailing in REAL breeze on Boston Harbor.  Don't just read about it, go sailing!

Sailing Anarchy - The standard-bearers of sailing world irreverence.

Sailing Scuttlebutt - The other daily standard in online sailing world news.

Sailgroove - We can't say enough good things about Sailgroove and it's founder, BU-grad Chris Love.  Great video coverage of events big and small, and THE place to go for college sailing fans.

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