Weather...the all-important subject for us sailors. We could list many more, but here are some of the sites that we check everyday.

Weather Underground Conditions and Forecast at Logan - Nice, simple presentation of both current conditions and forecast

NOAA Current Conditions at Logan Airport - For the purists, just the facts from NOAA - Current Temp, Wind and Pressure

Weather Underground Marine Forecast - Marine Weather from NOAA, packaged nicely for Boston by WUnderground.

NOAA Coastal Marine Forecast - All NOAA's marine forecasts for Southern New prepared to scroll.

Sailflow - Our not-too-secret vice, we honestly can't live without it. Not free, though. But want to know in a glance what it's blowing, where? Want breeze-focused forecast discussions written for sailors? One word: Sailflow.

IWindsurf - Good, free wind forecast tables from the Sailflow people.

Radar - Sure, sailors did ok for themselves for millenia without radar.  But their life-expectancy is up these days, in no small part thanks to radar.  Check it!

AccuWeather - General weather site, easy on the eyes, not too light on content