Learn to Laser Clinic

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For all of you who have spent the last few years gazing longingly at the Laser dock, the moment you have been waiting for is here! Geared towards Yellow and Green Flag members (or non-members with equivalent sailing experience), this clinic is a great opportunity to learn the basics of Laser boat handling. There’s a reason why the Laser is the most popular one-design dinghy in the world (over 200,000 sold)--because it’s so fun to sail!
Since “time on the water” is the key to learning, the Learn to Laser Clinic will feature a hands-on approach to teach you:
  • How to rig the Laser
  • Boat handling basics such as sail trim and use of trim controls, roll tacking and jibing, and upwind and downwind sailing techniques for speed and control
  • Proper body positioning and steering methods
  • Safe sailing methods


Sign Up 

Contact Jen to sign up for the clinic at jen@courageoussailing.org or (617) 242-3821 x17