Making the Most of Unruly Winds

Good Morning Frostbiters,

Well it’s another week gone by, and another week without any Frostbite racing at Courageous. Our luck has to change sooner or later, and I am rooting for sooner! Early forecasts of next weekend put Saturday as windy but sailable, and we will be doing everything possible to make sure we get out on the water to capture the full amount of racing that is possible.

This past Saturday we had a great turnout for our in-house rules clinic, headed up by Carl Zimba. Topics of discussion included Rules 10-17, and applications at the start and finish. Next weekend from 9:30-10:30, again in the Seaport School, we will be finishing our rules clinic with a thorough discussion of Rule 18, Mark Room.

The blog for this week, because we haven’t had any racing, will be a rehashing of what was explored and explained during the rules clinic on Saturday, complete with diagramed examples. Putting this together takes some time, and I hope to get it out to everyone by mid-week. Until then, I refer you to a blog by our own Judith Krimski which covers many of the same topics that we discussed.

Center of Effort Blog

Remember, the important thing to remember is that just because the rules say you CAN do something, doesn’t mean that it is the fastest thing to do. “When Boat A screws with Boat B, Boat C passes.”