Welcome to the Green Blog!

Welcome to the Courageously Green blog!  Here, various staff from Courageous Sailing Center’s summer youth program will post tips, reflections, and other useful information about our Courageously Green Environmental Program.  

As the Environmental Education Program Director, my goal is to add science, nature, and experiential education lessons to the sailing curricula for the sailing students, ages 8-18.  My hope is that the sailing instructors will learn new games and facts that they can use with their students to entertain them and teach them about the marine environment.  By the end of the summer, I am sure the youth program employees and campers will be just as excited to learn about marine biology as they are to learn about sailing.

Additionally, the environmental program offers students and instructors opportunities to explore their surroundings.  A new respect for the ocean and its creatures will emerge as we learn together about the ecosystem that exists under our boats.  And in the end, a culture of environmental awareness and appreciation will emerge and grow. 

For sailing levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 (at Courageous we call them “steps”), I will facilitate one lesson a week about a specific theme.  Each week has a different theme and this summer’s themes are Marine Mammal Maniacs, Crustacean Crusaders, Seabird Specialists, Fish Fanatics, Bivalve Braniacs, Mollusk Minders, and Jubilant Jellies.

Over the next few weeks, I will post about each week’s lesson and tips about the activity used and the topic as well.  Other summer youth program staff will also post about their reaction to and the benefits of the environmental program in general.

Thanks for reading and I hope Courageous’ green initiative will inspire your own environmental program, whether it is at your school, camp, home, or other facility.  Enjoy!

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