Water Bottles

This summer, Courageous had the opportunity to provide reuseable water bottles to all of our young sailors.  Fitting perfectly with our Waste Free Wednesdays and commitment to heightened environmental awareness for our sailing center as a whole, the water bottles provided us the chance to significantly minimize waste. 

Because water bottles are an item that is frequently lost or misplaced, I created some key tips to help everyone remember to use and not lose their bottles.

Rule 1:  Take time to decorate your water bottle and prominently write your name on your water bottle.  Use sharpies to create permanent designs.

Rule 2:  If an instructor finds your water bottle, you will have to barter with them to get it back.  You might have to trade your time rigging (or de-rigging) boats, you might have to bring in cookies to share, or you might have to help clean up after lunch.  The instructor who finds your water bottle will work with you to decide what you will have to do in order to earn your water bottle back.

Rule 3: To remember to drink out of your water bottle, especially on hot days, we can all sing the water bottle song (created by New England Aquarium Harbor Discoveries Camp).  This song can also be one of the things students can trade to get their lost water bottle back.  Teach the water bottle song when students are first receiving their bottles.  The song goes:

Water bottle, water bottle
You keep me alive
‘Cause if I get dehydrated
I think I just might die
Water bottle, water bottle
From you I shall drink
I’ll never lose you or confuse you
Because I will think

Reusable water bottles are a great way to reduce waste at your sailing center and excite students about staying healthy, hydrated and environmentally friendly!

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