Thank you, instructors!

Sadly, summer is coming to an end.  Before everyone goes their separate ways, we would like to take a moment to recognize the Courageous Sailing Youth Program Staff, the people who make Courageous the incredible community that it is, day after day, summer after summer, for over a thousand young sailors each year.

These 60+ individuals—high school students, college students, grad students, professional school teachers and experiential educators—elect to give up what could otherwise could be a relaxing summer by the beach.  Instead, for eight weeks, they rise early in the morning and put in long hours in the hot sun, all to share their passion for sailing, nature, and learning with the next generation of Courageous kids.  From all of us to all of you, thanks for your hard work. It's been a great season!  (Photo: the 2013 Courageous Sailing Instructors-in-Training and their instructors)